The Marriage Rant

About three years ago I took the leap and decided to go to Brigham Young University to receive my bachelors degree and in six months I will be graduating as a first generation college student–I decided to get a liberal arts degree, which is a little concerning, but that’s not the point of this post. […]


While in London I would catch myself in a location just staring at everything around me. Because of this I thought it would be nice to take some Lumiere’s while I was there and here they are!  

Keep on Keeping On

Today I sit at my desk with swollen eyes and dark black bags that go all the way down my face–okay, maybe not all the way down because that’s impossible but it certainly feels like it. Something that I have been thinking about especially today is how we learn to pick ourselves up from hardships, […]

Coffee Stained Napkins

I have never been a really great writer. I have terrible sentence structure, my thoughts tend to digress constantly, my vocabulary is quite atrocious to the point of me often making up words that I think are real (they aren’t), and on top of that my grammar is equivalent to that of a fourth grader. […]

Hazel Green Eyes

No matter the countless amounts of times she had to say goodbye to him, she never seemed to get any better at it. The first she cried all night in his lap, the second she shed tears as she kissed him, the third she held them in until he got on the plane so he […]