I Haven’t Written

I have not written since we decided to take a break. Somehow when my heart stopped beating, my hand stopped writing and there was no more room for storytelling. Our narrative ended, and the love that repleted my life with color and water painted canvases was gone and lead only to dirt stained, stucco, cream […]

The Art of Forgiveness

Lately I have found myself thinking, and in the situations, of learning how to forgive. Now, this is a journey that I have been undergoing since I was a child, but these past few years the gospel has really helped me put things, people, and events into perspective so I can better learn how to […]

Overcoming Being Lonely

The past few days I have found that I, along with a large sum of my friends, have felt rather down. With trial after trial along with the new school year starting, trying to keep up while keeping a smile on our faces may have been more difficult than usual. Some time ago, maybe even […]

Moving on and Progressing

College and young adult life is an interesting experience. You are suddenly out of the house and have complete independence. You get to make your own schedule and you choose how to spend your money (if you have any). You get to choose who you want to date and what classes you want to take […]

Pokemon Go!

Many of you are aware that I was accepted to graduate school that I will be attending in January after I graduate from BYU in December, but something that you might not be aware of is what I wrote my graduate paper on. The answer: video games. That might sound a little odd because you […]